Our team of experts work every day with one goal in mind: to offer bespoke advice even before our services. Wherever the need arises, we operate with the flexibility of a local partner.
Alessandro Penco
Executive Chairman
Marco Sardelli
Director & Company DPA
Riccardo Razzauti
Senior Bunker Trader
Carla Buselli
Accounting manager
Gianni Santuccio
Marine Fuel Logistic Manager
Michele Penco
Customs & Logistics Manager
Marco Penco
Marine Fuel & Lubricant Trader
Eugenio Fiaschi
Safety Inspector & CSO
Pasquale D'Orsi
Technical Inspector
Serena Massai
Customs & Logistics Operator
Alessio Caroti
Lubricant Trader
Michele Meli
Lubricant Sales
Laura Giani
Accounting Operator